What Is PG & VG In E-Liquid?

What is PG and VG? The ratio you should all know!

The majority of new vapers don’t fully understand what an e-liquid contains, So here we will explain what PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin) are. PG and VG are both clear odourless liquids that produce vapour when heated like in your e-cigarette. Both PG and VG are completely non-toxic and can be found in many popular household products and food items we may use on a daily basis. Now lets look at each of them individually:

PG – Propylene Glycol

This liquid is the carrier for the flavour, the vast majority of concentrated flavours are suspended in PG. PG is also responsible for a large portion of the throat hit – or harshness. If you’re a new vaper and want something to emulate the hit you receive from a conventional cigarette then we recommend going for a liquid where the PG content is higher. Sometimes there can be a misconception with PG, businesses incorrectly give advice in order to push their agenda by saying PG is bad when in all fairness it is in practically every single e-liquid on the market, even a lot that claim to be 100% VG. PG isn’t a dangerous chemical to the human body it is found in many guises including: Inhalers, beauty, coffee drinks, ice cream, fizzy drinks.

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VG – Vegetable Glycerin

This ingredient produces the vast majority of the vapour your e-cigarette produces. Additionally higher VG liquid are much smoother so they are greatly appreciated by sub-ohm vapers and certainly more highly regarded by the ‘cloud chasing’ community. Higher VG e-liquid can have an adverse affect on coils often reducing the life of them dramatically, VG is a thick liquid so it becomes very difficult for your cotton in the coil to absorb. At Smoke Inn we choose a ratio of 70/30 in our shortfill e-liquid we believe this offers the best compromise. VG is also used in many household items, such as: sweetener, beauty products, bakery food, toothpaste.

Is PG & VG Safe?

Both PG and VG are safe for human consumption, they are completely non-toxic. Besides them being safe there are side effects of vaping e-liquid that contains PG and/or VG these symptoms could be a dry mouth, headaches etc however this is as a result of making the switch to vaping – your body will soon adjust.

So you have purchased your electronic cigarette kit, but what now? You need to be able to set the thing up correctly if your going to be successful making the switch! Priming is an essential part of setting up your vape kit, not only will the experience be more pleasurable but, it will also save you money on replacing prematurely burnt out coils.

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