What Is Coil Resistance & Ohms? – Vaping?

Vaping Coil Resistance & Ohms

The first thing most of you will probably be wondering is: What in the vape world is an Ohm? In vaping we are referring to the ohms and resistance of the coil inside your electronic cigarette, tank or clearomizer / atomizer. Before you clutter your brain by delving into the World of perceived experts on the internet suggesting what the right / wrong resistance is remember… Every single one of us is different, we all have different preferences when it comes to vaping… so what may be right for them could very well not be for you! There are some rules you should abide by though and in this series of ‘new to vaping’ articles, our goal is to make you more informed, so hopefully you, can make more informed decisions for yourself.

What Is An Ohm?

The ohms level is how we measure the level of electrical resistance. Previously or at the dawn of the vaping industry most of us would be purchasing coils with a resistance of 1.8 – 2.8ohms however now things have changed some what. A few years ago sub-ohm vaping became very popular, devices from Kanger and Aspire enabled people to begin their vaping journey with high end powerful devices with out the required knowledge of battery safety. – These are referred to as regulated devices – A phrase all to common now-a-days which refers to any type of device that contains a microchip to monitor and ‘regulate’ the battery, out-put, resistance etc… Now it is not at all uncommon to find yourself requiring a 0.6ohm sub-ohm coil like the one featured in the PockeX starter kit by Aspire. Understanding the differences in resistances however is very useful information indeed.

What’s The Effect On Vaping With Different Ohm Levels?

The actual difference between a lower ohm to a higher one regarding actual vaping enjoyment and preference is highlighted below:

A Lower Ohm Coil:

When you use a coil with a lower ohm level you will expect:

  • Warmer vapour / Denser cloud
  • Increased vapour production (A variable wattage device typically will be set to a higher wattage)
  • Your e-liquid will be used up more quickly (via the typically higher power / wattage setting)
  • Increased load on the battery, potential danger when using a mechanical device.

A Higher Ohm Coil:

When you use a coil with a higher ohm level you will expect:

  • Cooler vapour / Less dense cloud
  • Slower battery drainage – Longer battery life
  • less e-liquid usage compared to a lower ohm coil
  • less vapour (Mainly due to the reduced power usage or setting)

Other Common Questions Regarding Ohms & Coil Resistance

What Levels are High/Standard or Low Ohm Exactly?

Back in the day, people would consider 1 ohm low and something like 2.8 ohm considered relatively normal to high, however sub ohm vaping and the constant pursuit of improvement has changed that methodology and thought process. Low is now considered anything below 0.3 ohm – so a lower resistance coil in a prebuilt tank for instance could be 0.25 or even 0.15 ohm higher resistance would be anything 0.6 ohm upwards, it also depends on varying other factors and there are anomaly’s to the rule in how certain coils vape i.e. the PockeX by Aspire uses a sub-ohm coil but the drag and inhale is very much mouth to lung, it’s not masses of clouds the sub-ohm coil resistance would indicate.

I Have A Standard Non Adjustable Battery What Ohms Do I Need?

When choosing a replacement, we would always suggest going with the manufacturers instructions first however, for the purpose of safety we would encourage you to go with something above an ohm. – Some batteries are unable to power below 1 ohm and some are unsafe if they do.

What Are The Dangers of Lower Ohms?

This typically refers to the users of mechanical mods – however if you are newbie we really strongly advise you to stay away from this type of device. If you use poorly maintained external batteries, degraded batteries, or poor quality batteries and build your own coil with a super-low resistance i.e. 0.1 ohms and below, then you are placing too much strain on the already weakened battery – this may result in explosion / injury / death – don’t be stupid! For more information on battery safety view our next article!

Do Different Ohms Have An Effect On The Flavour?

Whilst lower ohms are perceived to create a denser cloud, it is really specific to the individual – if you want something with a typically stronger throat hit, to use in a mouth to lung style, using a higher mg of nicotine… a higher resistance may actually be more pleasurable and produce for you.

This is our brief introduction into ohms and coil resistance, more will follow on other aspects what impact this like battery safety and the different styles of devices.

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