Raspberry Custard – Standard Elixir Black


Raspberry Custard e-liquid by Standard Elixir is something to truly behold, unleash the layers of creamy vanilla custard infused with the richest, sweetest and ripest raspberries!



Raspberry Custard E-Liquid

Raspberry custard e-liquid, rich and very creamy custard infused with lovely sweet and ripe raspberries. A bakewell like taste with out the icing and unnecessary components… just the good bits raspberry and a dollop of delicious vanilla custard. This is your new all day vape, who doesn’t love raspberry vapes? Go one better with the ultimate creamy raspberry custard from Standard Elixir! Crafted to perfection and steeped with patience, we believe our Standard Elixir – Raspberry Custard e-liquid is the new juice you have been craving! Custards in general have always been a hit for vapers with a sweet tooth, but we think we may have just stumbled upon the be all and end all of raspberry vapes! Standard Elixir is a true labour of love for us, inspired by our passion for rich and creamy, custard vapes. Raspberry is sweet, ripe, delicious and ever so moreish, the only raspberry e-liquid you’ll ever need. Established for 5 years and hailing from an era where true craft was installed in the production of a juice… Raspberry custard is a true blast from the past, reminiscent of legendary and complex vape juice blends but giving you a new element with ‘Raspberry’. A raspberry dessert e-liquid to really wet the appetite.

The Best Raspberry E-Liquid

Like all of our premium e-liquid, Standard Elixir – Raspberry Custard is no exception. Crafted and steeped to perfection and bottled in a premium Husky bottle – We want to provide you with the Ultimate vaping experience with high Quality at an affordable price point. Every Standard Elixir – Raspberry Custard e-liquid has the capacity to hold an 18mg nicotine-shot, this is designed to make the juice 3mg (if desired).

note* If you are a business owner and would like to stock our Standard Elixir – Raspberry Custard e-liquid please don’t hesitate to apply for a wholesale account. No Smoke Inn is dedicated to quality products and customer service.

Raspberry Custard E-Liquid Flavour Profile:

Raspberry | Custard
70% VG

50ml in a 60ml bottle

50ml – Add 1 nic-shot to make 3mg

Make Raspberry Custard 3mg

If you intend to use Raspberry Custard in a 3mg nicotine strength then we recommend using our Just Nic It High VG 18mg nicotine shot. This will make the Raspberry Custard a perfect 60ml e-liquid in a 3mg nicotine strength.

Just Nic It High VG Nic Shot


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