Lemon Custard – Standard Elixir Black


Lemon Custard e-liquid by Standard Elixir is the ultimate lemony, creamy, guilty pleasure. Over-indulge in this sweet, yet tart, lemon custard e-liquid by Standard Elixir.



Lemon Custard E-Liquid

Lemon custard e-liquid, succulent, deep rich custard with a lovely lemony ripeness. This is a lovely all day vape, if you love meringue e-liquid or perhaps a delicious lemon tart? Then up the ante with this delicious mixture of vanilla custard infused with lemons! Crafted to perfection and steeped with patience, we believe our Standard Elixir – Lemon Custard e-liquid is simply a must try for any dessert vape enthusiast. Custards in general have always been a hit for vapers with a sweet tooth, but we think we may have just stumbled upon the be all and end all of lemon vapes! Standard Elixir is a true labour of love for us, inspired by our passion for rich and creamy, custard vapes. Lemon is sweet, ripe, delicious and ever so moreish, the only lemon dessert e-liquid you’ll ever need. Established for 5 years and hailing from an era where true craft was installed in the production of a juice… Lemons custard is a true blast from the past, reminiscent of legendary and complex, custard vape juice blends. A lemon dessert e-liquid to really wet the appetite.

Lemon & Custard E-Juice

Like all of our premium e-liquid, Standard Elixir – Lemon Custard is no exception. Crafted and steeped to perfection and bottled in a premium Husky bottle – We want to provide you with the Ultimate vaping experience with high Quality at an affordable price point. Every Standard Elixir – Lemon Custard is designed to be used with an 18mg nicotine-shot, this is to make the juice 3mg (if desired).

note* If you are a business owner and would like to stock our Standard Elixir – Lemon Custard e-liquid please don’t hesitate to apply for a wholesale account. No Smoke Inn is dedicated to quality products and customer service.

Lemon Custard E-Liquid Flavour Profile:

Lemon | Custard
70% VG

50ml in a 60ml bottle

50ml – Add 1 nic-shot to make 3mg

Make Lemon Custard 3mg

If you intend to use Lemon Custard in a 3mg nicotine strength then we recommend using our Just Nic It High VG 18mg nicotine shot. This will make the Lemon Custard a perfect 60ml e-liquid in a 3mg nicotine strength.

Just Nic It High VG Nic Shot


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