What Is A Nicotine Shot?

What Is A Nicotine Shot?

A nicotine shot is a plain unflavoured e-liquid typically in 18mg strength, its purpose is to be added to a 0mg e-liquid to boost the nicotine level. One 18mg nicotine shot added to 50ml of 0mg e-liquid will give you 60ml of 3mg e-liquid. More shots will increase the nicotine level but will also intern dilute the flavour.

How Do You Add A Nicotine Shot?

You first start by opening the 0mg bottle of e-liquid and removing the nozzle/cap. Typically this bottle will have a 60ml capacity but only 50ml of e-liquid. You then add the full contents of the 18mg – 10ml nicotine shot to the 50ml, 0mg e-liquid. You proceed to re-cap and shake the 60ml bottle until the nicotine shot has been thoroughly blended with flavoured e-liquid.

Just Nic It High VG Nic Shot

18mg Nicotine Shot – High VG

This is the nicotine shot that we suggest you use with all of our shortfill e-liquid. This 18mg, high VG nicotine shot from Just Nic It, is of exceptional quality and will provide you with a clean nicotine boost with out compromising the taste.

Can You Add More Than One Nic Shot?

You can add more that one nic shot, obviously on 0mg juices which are double the capacity i.e 100ml, 0mg – You would have to add two nicotine shots to attain the desired 3mg. You can add more than one nicotine shot to any e-liquid to get a higher overall strength however you must bear consider that for every shot added you will be diluting the flavour.