How To Prime A Coil For Vaping?

How To Prime Your Coil

Before using you new electronic cigarette there are a few essential steps that are required that will not only improve your vaping experience but will also save you a few quid. By ensuring this step is done correctly you will not only have optimal taste but also you will have a much smoother path into fully making the switch to vaping from conventional cigarettes. This step we talk of is… Priming.

What Is Priming?

The process of priming is simple, in your new vape device you will have something called a coil (the little metal thing with cotton that goes through the middle of the tank) The coil also often referred to as the atomizer consists of a metal spring like or mesh wire surrounded by cotton – in most circumstances this is Japanese organic cotton (basically a very clean and pure cotton wool) This cotton is used to absorb the liquid, the metal element in the middle then heats up when the battery is pressed hence vaporizing the e-liquid. Priming is the process of ensuring that this cotton is ‘moist’ – we love that word, prior to you pressing the button. If you press the button and cotton is dry – you guessed, it! – it burns.

The cotton needs to be saturated prior to you using it, the easiest way of doing this is to get your bottle of e-liquid, place the nozzle inside and around the coil and ensure that the cotton is fully wet. This is the nicest and easiest way to ensure that you will get the best flavour and life span out of your coil. Repeating this process multiple times and ensuring that all the liquid is absorbed into the cotton will benefit you greatly going forward.

Priming A Coil Step 1

Begin by adding a drop of e-liquid to each of the wicking holes – these are the holes on the side of your coil where cotton is visible – this will start the wicking process.

Priming A Coil Step 2

Add some drops of e-liquid to the centre of your coil in some devices you can clearly see the cotton, use the end of the needle on your e-liquid bottle to slightly coat the cotton with e-liquid – if you can’t add liquid through the centre with out forcing it just repeat step one multiple times.

Priming A Coil Step 3

When you insert the coil into the device you may experience some flooding or leaking through the air holes sometimes you may just experience a gurgle. If this happens one of the easiest ways to eradicate this is to get some tissue place it over the air holes and blow down the device (*do not press the button) upon removing the tissue away from the air holes you will notice that the residual e-liquid has been blown through the device.

Priming A Coil Step 4

For peace of mind fill your tank with e-liquid and allow it to settle for 10-15 minutes before using it, this will ensure that the cotton is fully saturated – if you are on a more powerful adjustable wattage device then we recommend starting the power low and incrementally increasing it to your desired wattage with each drag.

If you have taken everything we have said on board then we are confident you will get the best performance out of your coil. If you are still unsure you could pop into our vape store in Manchester and get one of the team to demonstrate it for you.

You may see something on the descriptions of e-cigarettes and tanks called ohms or resistance, confused? These are very important things to have an understanding of, not only will you be more clued up on achieving your desired vape, but depending how far or to what extreme you want to vape – you’ll also be safer!

understand how ohms effects your vape