The Best Vanilla Custard E-Liquid?

The Best Vanilla Custard E-Liquid?

Vanilla custard, Who in there right mind doesn’t like it? Whether you have nostalgic memories from school puddings or perhaps you frequent your local dessert shop… Simply everyone loves custard. In vape juices vanilla custard has become a staple of the avid vapers diet, legendary juice makers have become established and World recognised through the strength of their vanilla custard e-liquid. Grants Vanilla custard e-juice, Vapetasia Killa Kustard, The Milkman, Suicide Bunny plus many others we have tried, sold and enjoyed for years, all have certain elements and characteristics that make them hugely popular and delicious.

We set out to create the best vanilla custard e-liquid that could rival the custard vapes we have experienced in the past, what we’re used to and what we love! In the ‘REAL’ World and not the vape related world we are so enthralled in, Custard often gets disregarded and taken for granted but it is a rather complex recipe. Milk, Eggs, Sugar, Vanilla… and absolute technique. The taste is rich, smooth, creamy and it pairs perfectly with a host of goodies.

So… the challenge was set and now Standard Elixir Vanilla Custard has been released and we are super delighted with the result. What we wanted was a rich, deep and creamy vanilla taste and residue left in the mouth long after exhale. Creaminess upon creaminess that’s what this juice delivers, without revealing secrets!? the juice is steeped for a number of weeks making certain ingredients evolve over time and refining different elements of sweetness and throat hit. We have created the desired richness of an American vanilla custard e-juice.

Butterscotch Custard – Standard Elixir

Caramel Custard – Standard Elixir

5 Custard E-Liquids We Love

Vapetasia Killer Kustard

Rich and Creamy this is what a custard should be, these are aspects (rich & creamy) we really wanted to reflect in our own juice.

Grants Vanilla Custard

Crafted with care a time old classic who can not love this juice?

Space Jam Starship 1

An interesting take featuring Kiwi… but utterly delicious.

Kings Crest Duke

COMPLEX but utterly rich and creamy, subtle notes you cant distinguish but can certainly taste.

TYV The Gaffer Vanilla

fairly new to the list but this stuff is absolutely delicious!

Crafting A Custard E-Liquid

When creating Standard Elixir we knew exactly what we wanted, but achieving it was a much more lengthy and time consuming process. We selected a range of ingredients and tinkered with these volumes in a variety of ratios. Our base mix is and always will remain 70VG/30PG we find this provides the best all-round performance in a range of devices. Outside of creating the over-all taste (which is delicious) we want the full package that means ‘QUALITY’ ingredients from the most renowned flavour houses, to the perfect packaging, with UK vapers in mind.

Is This The Best Vanilla Custard?

Is this the best vanilla custard e-juice? Quite Possibly! Obviously taste is subjective and what is right for one may not be right for another… But created by a company who sells and continues to sell the established and elite brands and… last but not least a group of vapers who have the required palate to identify certain characteristics and ingredients we believe we have made the perfect ‘compromise’ of all the above mentioned juice! Identifying different elements that make them great and slapping them into one! This vanilla custard is certainly a fine all day vape!